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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Different types of breakfasts

There are many different types of breakfast eaten all around the world. In different countries, different breakfasts are consumed. Here are some various types of breakfasts I have chosen to write about;

Continental breakfast; is a light breakfast which may include varoius types of coffee, teas, juices, fruits and all kinds of pastries. This is the lightest type of braeakfast and is usually very cheap if you are buying it. It is the total opposite of an English Breakfast.

English Breakfast; Is an extremely big meal. A traditional english breakfast would include- sausages, eggs, tomatoes. But now, many people have somewhat shied away from the tradition and have resorted to having milk and cereal, or toast and marmalade, jam or honey. Orange juice is traditionally drunk before the breakfast and coffe is drunk after it.

French Breakfast; Usually includes baguettes with jam or butter and sometimes warm/cold crossaints. The usual drink would be a cup of hot black coffee but tea or hot chocolate can also be drunk. The french breakfast is very light and therefore referred to as 'petit' in France. But recently more and more children in France are starting to eat cereals which is a dramtic difference to the traditional french breakfast diet.

American Breakfast; Is very simular to the English breakfast and is very big and filling. It usually consists of two eggs, sliced bacon or sausage, sliced bread or toast with jam/butter, panckakes with syrup, various different cereals including porridge, cornflakes etc, coffee/tea and orange/grapefruit juice.

Chinease Breakfast; Usually consists of a warm bowl of congee, which is a watery rice gruel which is very simular to porrridge and can be eaten with varoius different topping from sweet to savoury. With the congee, they like to eat crullers also known as 'deep-fat devils' which are twisted strips of dough which have been deep fried in oil.


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